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The Alignment Academy

A community of the world’s most leading edge alignment seekers. 

The Alignment Academy is your success hub for the practical and result driven application of The Law of Attraction.

Watch this video and learn why most people are still just scratching the surface when it come to the Law of Attraction.

What is The Alignment Academy?

The Alignment Academy is a community of the world’s most leading edge alignment seekers. Here you’ll find speakers, breakthrough specialists, frequent Abraham-Hicks hot-seaters, master manifesters, teachers and students all having one goal in mind: find alignment and milk reality for everything it’s worth.

Why The Alignment Academy?

Because face it, you're having trouble creating the life you want or manifesting the big things you really desire. If you're new to the concept of alignment, a veteran who wants to put theory into practice, or simply looking to connect with like minded alignment seekers reaching for more, you've found your tribe. 

If you've been looking to bridge the gap between dream and reality you've come to the right place.

Who you'll find in The Alignment Academy

Nick Breau
International Breakthrough Specialist, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Alignment Seeker
Nick Breau, the founder of The Alignment Academy, has been helping individuals find alignment in a one on one setting for over five years. He's trained practitioners all over the world to help their clients find alignment. Now, he wants to build the world's most powerfully aligned community by bringing together both students and teachers who understand and seek the power of alignment.

His goal for The Alignment Academy isn't to simply teach people about alignment, it's to get people to apply the concepts in ways that make big manifestations happens.

What has Nick accomplished through the power of Alignment?

  • He played a key role in a tech company acquired for over $330 million.
  • He helped 20 individuals manifest a combined total of over $250,000 in a period of 2 months through a five-week program.
  • He manifested his ideal relationship with whom he shares the same name (Nick / Anik) amongst other incredible synchronicities including both having found out they left their marriage on the same day, long before they had ever met.
  • He's grown a hugely successful coaching practice working with clients in over a dozen countries and now trains Breakthrough Specialists all over the world.
  • He's had numerous trips in the Abraham-Hicks hot-seat, he's published two Amazon Best-Selling books, he's a successful keynote speaker both in the corporate and wellness world.

Alignment Ambassadors & Breakthrough Specialists

Genevieve Young
Trainer, Speaker, Talk Show Host & Realizer of Dreams
Frequent Abraham-Hicks Hot Seater, Master Manifester and Talk Show Host Genevieve Young knows how to make manifestations happen.
Turk Akbay
Speaker, Coach & Founder of Subliminal Coaching™
With over 2 hours of Abraham-Hicks hot seat time he's no stranger to leading edge conversations.
Jill Payne
Founder of Spiritual Athlete and Celebrity Trainer
Jill Payne, Fitness & Spiritual junkie, creates training programs that go beyond physical fitness, helping people access their energy and potential, and enhance optimal life performance.
Caroline Lehan
Breakthrough Specialist and Hypnotherapist
Although still under the age of 30, she's a veteran in the art of alignment. Having trained with Nick as a Breakthrough Specialist for over 3 years, she's seen massive transformation in her life as well as the lives of her clients.
Anik Gallant
Breakthrough Specialist, Self-Love & Relationship Expert
Nick's partner in crime, Anik helps clients all over the world experience big breakthroughs. Specializing in self-love and relationships she is passionate about helping women find the self-love they desire and the relationship they deserve.
Joan Corey
Breakthrough Specialist
From Trauma to Triumph, Joan has seen it all. Having overcome various traumas in her life including cancer, she's worked through big contrast and is now  passionate about helping others work through their contrast too.

What you'll find in The Alignment Academy

Group Coaching Calls
Join Nick Breau, founder of The Alignment Academy for live online coaching calls. Topics will vary depending on where The Alignment Academy members need help the most. Money. Relationships. Health. Happiness. Connecting with your inner being. Career. Purpose. No topic is off limit and all calls are recorded and shared for archived viewing on The Alignment Academy website.
The Money Program
In the winter of 2017 Nick ran a 5 week group money manifestation program with roughly 20 individuals. The result? Over $250,000 manifested by members over a 2 month period. The Alignment Academy members get full access to these recordings.
Emotional Clearing Videos
If you've studied the art of alignment, you'll understand that the nothing stands in your way and creates more resistance than emotional baggage. In The Alignment Academy you'll find over a dozen Tapping / EFT video meditation to help you free yourself from the emotions that are holding you back.
Breakthrough Specialists
With over a dozen practitioners from 5 countries formally trained in the art of alignment, you'll find the help you need to answer your questions in the community as well as the opportunity for discounted rates on private sessions.
Surround yourself with a community of individuals all having a single goal in mind: Alignment. Teachers, Abraham-Hicks hot seaters, students, practitioners, all driven to achieve new levels of expansion, awareness and higher levels of alignment.
Meditation Library
Get access to a library of powerful meditations such as the Positive Momentum Meditation and Emotional Freedom Meditation designed specifically to help you achieve higher states of alignment.
Ambassador Calls & Insights
Featured Special event live calls by some of the world's top alignment seekers, Abraham-Hicks hot seaters and teachers. Live group hypnotherapy. Dream realization. Group channelling. The Alignment Academy ambassadors are ready to help you expand into further levels of alignment.
On-Site Events
On site sponsored events such as seminars, workshops and parties to help grow your network of alignment seekers both online and off.
Affiliate Program
Manifesting money on your mind? The Alignment Academy includes an affiliate program where you get paid by bringing your fellow alignment seekers into the academy.

Welcome to The Alignment Academy. We look forward to having you.


Nick knows his stuff and he offers tons of amazing value!
I've received great information from Nick which helps me to stay in a "good place" inside myself, reach for the good feelings, relax and trust. 
Highly recommend his work to make your life a complete success! Thank you Nick !!
Working with Nick Breau has helped me transform my knowledge of LOA from theory into practice. He provided all the missing pieces on how to apply the LOA in everyday life in a way that achieves results.
Nick helped me achieve much clarity and alignment in my life. His meditations, webinar and books helped me get to another level in the comprehension of LOA. While following his teaching, I was able to let go and manifest magnificent apportunities for myself!
Nick's live calls, guidence, gift sessions,yes everything has have given me so much clarity when i had a really hard time.
Nick was able to assist me in identifying the blocks that was occurring with my path. He explained quite clearly and effectively in steps I could relate to. His patience with each step was amazingly steady as everyone proceeded with the live call. What impresses me the most was the impact of his knowledge that fit well with what I was going through and learning the law of attraction principles, which I put a high value on.
Nick has finally provided clarity to me on the LOA. I’m using meditation and EFT and seeing results!
Thank you for introducing me to this entire world. I've been learning about LoA for a few months....but when you answered my question on Reddit, it sparked something incredible. I really can't thank you enough. You are absolutely inspiring. Every one of your Tuesday lessons are gold. And I'm blown away by how much you know....it's amazing.